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Preggo Katie

Preggo Katie

Review: Katie is this hot pro dancer with a bit of Russian in her. She used to be hot, and now she’s a different kind of hot. She got knocked up! Follow the adventures of Katie the gorgeous next door blonde as her body gets more ripe and juicier with every day. She documents her pregnancy pretty well here – and she also documents her naughty escapades pretty well! Don’t miss this babe!

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Preggo Katie

Intro promises:
Good news, everybody! Well, maybe not technically everybody, but everybody who is into pregnant porn for sure. Or should we say erotica? There’s definitely a lot of sensuality involved here. How these would-be mothers just all get so juicy and go through all these lovely transformations. Preggo Katie is the newest site out there caring for the needs of those who want to see real life hotties being all fun and sexy about their pregnancy. Katie is this lovely young blonde who used to be a tight-bodied pro dancer – but now with that baby coming up real soon, she’s all delightfully swollen and sexy and succulent! Katie is a gorgeous blonde with a bit of Slavic in her. Her site is her very personal hotspot on the web which is basically an erotic account of her pregnancy, a diary, if you will. Find out more about cute Katie in the tour. There is a video trailer, and there are also quite a few facts about what kind of person she is – and what kind of site she has. Looking good right away, really. A neat, colorful design, a bunch of really nice samples, looks like Katie got herself quite an awesome site here. Let’s dig in and see what kind of hot stuff this blonde babe is up to when the itch in her big nipples and ripe pussy gets unbearable.

Cuteness overload, and an overload of preggers sensuality and sexuality as well! Preggo Katie is quite a nice place to be at, we’ll give you that. The site has this ultra cute design, and it’s a perfect match for Katie’s fun, tender, generous personality. You can learn a whole lot of personal details about the girl, like what kind of food she likes or what music she enjoys listening. Really makes the whole experience more wholesome and enjoyable, that’s for sure. You also get Katie’s pregnancy diary with month after month marked on her timeline, with a lot of saucy details of course. And surely you get to see the girl fool around a lot. The great thing about Preggo Katie is that the content spans over her entire pregnancy. Posing naked when she was 3 months? There you go. A heavier 6 months belly and really swollen nipples? Sure. An even riper belly when she was 9 months? You got it. Being a pro dancer, Katie really knows and loves her body, and you will love it too. How she fondles her ripe red pussy when she gets horny, it’s incredible. And she does get horny a lot. This is the kind of a preggo girl that you will definitely enjoy watching naked, playful, and aroused. The content does her a lot of justice. The HD videos and the 4,000px photos look really spectacular. Katie has a lot to offer, and what is more, membership to her site comes with free bonus access to a whole lot of other solo girl websites!

She’s got it all, a bit of Slavic charm about her, a great body, a ripe swollen belly, and now a site with plenty of personal details and very erotic preggo content. She’s Katie and we are sure you will fall for her right away. Discover what this lovely young blonde is up to when her juicy preggers body gives her the sexual itch. A lot of stuff to see here, and a very daring, honest and sexy account of a young girl’s pregnancy, that’s what this whole thing is. Katie offers quite a bit of delicious HD content and a membership to her site is very reasonably priced and comes bundled with access to a whole lot of other solo girl sites.

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