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Preggo Tegan

Preggo Tegan

Review: A pregnant woman is a sexy woman! The way her body swells up with new life, the way her appetite increases, including appetite for sex, of course, these things are impossible not to become obsessed with. If you can relate to this, Preggo Tegan is a cool, quirky new site you won’t want to miss! Tegan is a next door blonde from Las Vegas, and she wants to tell you all about her preggers adventures.

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Preggo Tegan

Intro promises:
A little naughty birdie told us fans of preggo erotica can expect a couple of really nice and neat sites to be launched soon. Thank you, birdie! Seriously, the year has been great so far with a whole bunch of well-built and promising sites launched and going strong. Preggo hotties is a subject we haven’t been covering enough for a while, and now this rare, special and very stimulating niche seems to be back. A site up for review here right now is Preggo Tegan, a fun, modern-feeling site which pretty much reflects a modern girl’s approach to the entire pregnancy thing. Why sweat and freak out over this when you can have all sorts of fun and celebrate your new state as much as it deserves? Pregnancy is a beautiful and special thing, and Tegan seems to be exactly this way, too. Meet this young next door blonde hailing from Las Vegas looking just like your next happy American preggo girl. Her site looks quite fresh and even fancy, and you’re about to find out all about the story of Tegan. Turns out Tegan is too much into sex to give up having all sorts of naughty fun when her belly is that swollen and her tits are that heavy! And boy is she having fun. The tour showcases several types of shoots Tegan does, girl on girl, dildo play, playing with Sybian (a sophisticated vibrating thing), and that lovely buzzing Magic Wang. Sounds like fun!

Preggo Tegan is a site with a strong personal feel, that’s for sure. Not only because it’s a solo site with content in which you see mostly Tegan, the cute next door preggo blonde. It has to be something else, maybe that the site is full of first person messages from her or that you really find out what kind of person Tegan is with all the behind the scenes stuff available. Tegan is a lovely open-minded girl with natural next door looks and a sweet camera presence. She talks in the shoot a lot so you always know at what stage of pregnancy she is. The site offers a generous selection of content (obviously they couldn’t shoot it forever, she has to deliver at some point!) which covers all the experiments Tegan did when pregnant. When she uses the vibrating Magic Wand on her swollen nipples or on her puff, meaty shaved pussy giving you that slutty slash innocent look, this is beyond sexy. We’re sure fans of pregnant erotica will have a crush on Tegan right away! Preggo Tegan has a nice selection of hi-res pics and great-looking videos which are non-professional – but that’s the whole point of it! Everything has a feel of a home-made video to document a very enjoyable pregnancy, but with lots of naughty fun included. Give this corn-fed American preggo blonde a try, Tegan worked hard for your pleasure!

Preggo Tegan is probably the coolest (and the hottest) pregnancy documentary you will ever see. Very natural, spontaneous and real, Tegan takes you on a trip through her blooming sexuality of a young pregnant girl. She tries a lot of things including a whole variety of sex gadgets, masturbation, and an occasional make out and pussy play session with a girl. You can see happiness and joy shine through her glorious body. Preggo Tegan is a modern site which is fun and sexy in its feel. Try it now!

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