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Pregnant Emma

Pregnant Emma

Review: Turns out hormones are actually driving a girl crazy when she is knocked up. Pregnant Emma is a brand diary of this kinky and perverted blonde Emma. Follow her on her journey as her belly gets bigger by the day. It’s not your average preggo porn affair, Emma is pretty fucked up. You’ll see her experimenting with fetishes, play with her swollen pussy, and even smoking! Don’t miss this!

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Pregnant Emma

Intro promises:
If we were to choose an exciting niche that we have not touched upon recently, it would probably be preggo porn. Guess it’s not bustling with life like it used to a few years back. But thanks fuck new sites are still being built and launched. And they don’t get any less crazy either! Look at this brand new gem called Pregnant Emma here. It’s the newest site in the family of similar sites, and it’s probably the craziest of all of them. Thing is, Emma does not just do the regular thing girls with big bellies do in online porn. You know how it is. They just take their clothes off and touch themselves and maybe rub some oil in their heavy bellies and occasionally gets fucked. Nothing wrong with that, but you have to experience Pregnant Emma here. This girl is cray cray. Just hang around in the free lounge for a bit and you’ll see what we mean. She crushes balloons in high heels, fools around with diapers and such, talks dirty into the camera – and even puffs on a cigarette! Nothing is off limits in this diary of a crazy perverse preggo blonde girl. Her boyfriend left her apparently, and now she’s just trying to make some extra cash with this site. She also shoots everything herself. Well, that’s all pretty cool, let’s have a closer look.

Oh man, did you see that hungry pussy with a nice bush around it? Emma is very open sexually. She pretty much just cannot stop doing sexual stuff! Her site has this amateurish look, but we are not here for the fancy design, are we? She’s the one making her own content, so it’s all very natural, spontaneous, and fun. She also has some pretty decent gear. We mean, her videos are 1080p! They do retain this amateur quality though – but they are looking great whatever you decide to play them on. There are photos, of course, as well. The entire thing is set up like a pregnancy diary. You can see what’s happening to Emma on every stage of her journey. At first you can barely tell she’s knocked up. This delicious belly just looks kinda normal. She talks to you in each and every video as she does her crazy shit. Then, you can tell she’s really preggers. That belly, and these swollen boobies! Oh and that pussy isn’t getting any less hungry. It’s quite the opposite, really. There is a bit of hardcore action here as well, but the main gems of Pregnant Emma lie elsewhere. Jerk off instructions, smoking (!), balloon crushing, peeing, diapers… The fun just never ends! Pregnant Emma offers 1080p downloadable videos that you can also stream, a generous load of photos, and free bonus access to other network sites. Sure, there may be some cute preggo babes in there, but Emma is our favorite!

If you have been thinking about why there are no preggo porn sites with a kinky twist, you don’t have to be thinking about that anymore. Say hello to Pregnant Emma, the work of a young, lovely, and very pregnant and very kinky Emma. Have you ever seen a pregnant girl smoke? There are no limits with this blonde babe. Check out Pregnant Emma right now and have a look at the amazing bonus sites, too!

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