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Pregnant Kristi

Pregnant Kristi

Review: Ever wanted to follow a hot pregnant girl as she goes through all the stages of her pregnancy from a little child bump all the way to giving birth? Pregnant Kristi here features the preggo adventures of Kristi who you may already know as Hydii May. Yes, the porn girl. Her new site is different from what she did before – but it still features a lot of action, this time, preggo action!

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Pregnant Kristi

Intro promises:
Fans of pregnant girls and their very special sensuality, pay attention! We have reviewed a bunch of preggo sites a couple of months ago and these were really captivating. Time has come for more great stuff. Looks like yet another pornstar got knocked up and decided to make a show out of everything she did and went through while pregnant. We’re totally cool with that, we love watching preggo chicks fool around, show off their bodies gleaming with femininity, and have hot, very special sex. Pregnant Kristi is brand new and it tells the pregnant story of Kristi aka Hydii May. This cute next door looking blonde is very open about the story of her pregnancy and you will see her entire transformation from the first trimester all the way to a week before actual childbirth. During this time, Kristi will be posing, doing everyday stuff, playing around, pleasing herself, and having hot steamy sex! The site has a fancy, fresh and modern look. Check out the tour with plentiful picture samples available, all built into a bright, flashy, animated page with a strong web 2.0 flavor. Let’s hope the actual content will be as bustling with color and fun as the tour! Pregnant Kristi seems to be your prefect opportunity to see a next door kind of girl with erotic modeling experience check out the joys of her non-stop transformation.

Kristi loves having fun and who has fun has to stop when a girl gets pregnant? In fact, this is when the fun begins, a totally new kind of fun! Pregnant Kristi offers a nice and sizeable collection of content all of which is downloadable and is offered without any DRM restrictions. Members get access to all Kristi’s high resolution photos and high definition videos. These combine great filming quality with that amateur next door feel. It’s amazing how bright and colorful all the videos and photo sets are! You can feel almost physically how happy Kristi is about the whole thing. You get to see her full transformation so the content features everything from the barely noticeable baby bump all the way to the big, heavy belly right before childbirth. You’ll see Kristi play around the house, take baths, play with her swollen, fully shaved pussy, experiment with her arsenal of sex toys – and suck and fuck some raw cock, too! The content lets you see every inch of her skin as her ever-changing body goes through all stages of pregnancy. We liked the hardcore sex shoots, something the preggers sites we have reviewed before didn’t exactly have. Members of Pregnant Kristi get access to more than 25 different exclusive sites with their account; some of these sites will rock your world! No cookie cutter stuff here, just very special porn with lots of very intricate fetishes covered.

Pregnant Kristi is definitely one of the best new sites in the preggo scene. Featuring high def content with lots of color, emotion, intensity and beauty, Pregnant Kristi will be an absolute delight for anyone into next door pregnant blondes. Kristi has a fun, cool attitude, and she loves being on camera, this is where her previous experience helps. She wants you to have a great time following her transformation – and you will have a great time. The site comes loaded with very neat-looking HD content, and you also get bonus access to over 25 very special niche sites many of which will just blow you away! Start now!

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