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Pregnant USA

Pregnant USA

Review: If you got a bit of a thing for natural, next door pregnant women with swollen bellies and this amazing no-fake air of future motherhood about them, you’ll love Pregnant USA. The site features almost 200 real pregnant women from the neighborhood as well as would-be mothers from other countries. This place is so totally special!

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Pregnant USA

Intro promises:
Some things are just spoiled if you treat them carelessly and without any understanding. Take any subtle fetish for example, just one wrong move and the entire thing is ruined. When it comes to pregnant erotica, it’s really easy to turn the entire thing into a tasteless parody. But if you really have a thing for all these knocked-up babes who got this glow of future motherhood about them, Pregnant USA will really press the right buttons for you. We discovered this truly amazing and very niche-specific site only today, and as usual we were absolutely willing to tell you all about it. The site may seem like yet another pregger porn place, but in fact it’s so much more. The free tour will put you in the right mood and explain that at Pregnant USA, things are done differently. The site seems to be made and maintained by real niche freaks. They shoot pregnant next door women in a variety of positions which even have special names for them. They have a classification of belly types. They shoot all sorts of kinky pregnant sex games and feature some lactation as well. Last but not least, they film pregnant amateur girls in stop motion achieving truly mind-blowing results which just won’t leave any pregnant women admirer indifferent. Hard to believe all of these things come together in just one site, but that’s the way Pregnant USA works!

If only more sites treated their subjects like Pregnant USA. We’re sure the world would have been a much better place! If you’re tired of plain, boring and uninspired hardcore porn which never gives pregnant girls the attention and admiration they deserve, well, there you go. Pregnant USA is softcore-oriented meaning there’s no guy on girl sex acts – but there’s so much stuff instead. The site is really new but it already has over 750 videos and something like 250 photo galleries. The focus on videos is a bit unusual for a softcore site, don’t you think? Still, you won’t be thinking about such things. Pregnant USA really covers most things, if not all, a pregnant women admirer would like to see. The content features amateurs only, and you can see it in the way they sometimes get awkward or nervous during posing. Well, no surprise here, their hormones are like a hurricane right now! The content is incredibly detailed with plenty of attention given to just about anything which could excited and interest a PG fan. Bellies, swollen pussies, huge lactating nipples, milk squirting competitions – well, just listing all the things we saw here would take a lot of time. Again, there’s no boy girl action, but some would-be mothers are not averse to some naughty toy play! And the stop motion videos, this stuff just has to be seen with your own eyes.

Pregnant USA is pretty much everything a fan of pregnant girls can possibly desire. The place is very refined and tasteful in its own way, and this attitude towards beautiful pregnant women shines through everything here. The content collection is reasonably big and features diverse, creatively filmed episodes each of which tells us these guys are looking for yet another way to showcase the endless divine appeal of that lovely next door pregnant woman. If you are even a bit into this sort of thing, this is a must-see.

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