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Public Pickups

Public Pickups

Review date: 22-Dec-2016 19:03. Bored out of your mind? Do what many of your fellow countrymen do, go to Eastern Europe! Girls are so easy you can pick them up in the streets in dozens and do them right there, with the whole world to watch. This is an immense thrill, but you may need a bit of cash, too. Not too much, though, because this is Eastern Europe! Anyway, check out Public Pickups here and see for yourself!

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Public Pickups

Intro promises:
We get way too bored if we don’t review a site with reality porn set in Eastern Europe here for a while. We mean, this is always an electrifying experience watching all the super crazy stuff which easily goes down all over the place there. In the States you would have the crap sued out of your ass but these girls there, they just smile and take everything – including lots of cock from the most unimaginable angles. So, enough foreplay, we got Public Pickups right here. This is a brand new site from the renowned Mofos brand and it’s their take on the whole pick her up in the street, pay her to flash and fuck her hard right there deal. What can we say, looks like it’s one pretty damn successful take. Being more precise, the site has its action set in the Czech Republic, with hot young girls approached in the streets or in indoor public areas like libraries and shit, talked bullshit to, paid to flash tits or ass, and then ultimately fucked right there. Here, when we say right there, we mean right there. If it’s a park it’s not just a park with some fucking Czech castle in the background. It’s also a park with people walking their dogs and shit, and you can see them in the picture. It’s all extremely edgy, adrenaline-fueled, and there are some hot young Eastern European bitches in there. With all this, Public Pickup got us. Did it get you? It should have!

The tour had so many video trailers we almost got stuck there. But hey we wanted to see it in full length so bad we simply had to get in. The site has a good-looking design, both in the tour and in the member areas. It kinda blends the fun, extreme feeling of sex in public with good navigation and easy browsing. So, what exactly happens here. Public Pickups got a nice video collection, a few dozen of these at least. They run for 20-30 minutes and feature street pickup scenes filmed gonzo style. There’s always the same guy holding the camera, apparently, his name is Steve. He chooses random hot-looking young girls in the streets, libraries, on trains and what not and talks them into showing goodies and then taking his cock up their nicely shaved Czech pussies. They are reluctant at first and some videos actually feature girls telling Steve to fuck off. But you know, he offers them a good chunk of cash and the love starts happening. They’re not too particular about choosing places, through. Seriously, you’ll see people fucking in a gym with other guys working out just nearby, or in a park full of people, or on a train flashing gems out of the window, or in a car in a parking lot with other cars driving around, et cetera et cetera. It’s super hot reality sex peppered with plenty of adrenaline-fueled exhibitionism, and you really expect Steve to get his ass kicked any second!

Public Pickups is brand new and though it explores something we kinda saw already, it does it while raising the ante quite a bit. So it feels great. If other reality sites seem too boring, get your load of adrenaline right here at Public Pickups. We have never seen so many real people in hardcore sex shoots filmed in public! We don’t know how Steve gets away with all this. Maybe the police are easy in Eastern Europe – the girls definitely are. Now you know why people from the States love the place so much, you can bang a girl in a park in broad daylight and get away with it and just go on and bang another girl!

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