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Review: Porn can be interactive, and you’re about to find out a lot more about it very soon! Saboom lets you choose how the action will proceed, with a multi-level choice of options. In addition to that, the site got great-looking girls getting dirty, plus amazing quality videos and very nice community features. All in all, you simply have to try it, so read on now!

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Intro promises:
Bored out of your mind by all the today’s porn which just doesn’t give you the same kicks anymore? Think that hi-tech stuff and adult entertainment don’t mix very well? In this case, there’s something you gotta see here. Saboom is a site we came across just recently, and to us, it absolutely look like a site we have to tell you about. The site is all about interactive porn, and if you have very vague idea of what it could be, we’ll tell you all about it. This nice and fresh European site has a very catchy, eye candy looking free tour area which really grabs and holds your attention. The sleek, colorful, very professional design tells you all about the site’s features and opportunities – and boy are there many of these. The whole thing about Saboom is that it adds certain interactive features to mainstream hardcore porn with young European babes. As the videos play, you can make the action take a certain direction or make certain adjustments to the entire thing – like switching to POV view and back. How about that! This award-winning website lets you build an entirely yours adult entertainment experience, taking out the frustration of watching stuff you wished took a different direction. The free tour covers all site’s areas and advantages very extensively. Pay attention, it’s really interesting – and now we’re getting in!

So, are you ready for your ultimate porn experience which is so not like anything else you have ever seen before? Saboom welcomes you with a fine-looking member area which follows the design guidelines of the tour and therefore looks totally terrific. The site’s content is basically interactive shows, or, if you look at it from a different angle, girls who star in these shows. You can browse Saboom’s content collection either by scenes or by girls. Their total count is approximately the same right now, around 50 of each. All models are superior-looking Eurobabes who star in very well-produced videos which are just as glamorous as they are full of sensuality and hardcore action. And we’re not at the interactivity part yet! The videos play back through the site’s native Flash-based interface, and the site’s main features are mostly reached through different elements of that interface. At certain points of the show you can choose the next thing to happen from a list (what part of her gorgeous body the girl should bare first, what sexual position is the couple to take, where that cumshot will go). Another button lists all the options available for the current episode. You can also enable or disable POV camera, which is great if you wanna really make the experience personal. Be sure to explore Saboom’s whole set of features, combine them, enjoy them, and sample the beauty and heat of young, sexy, horny Eurobabes!

Saboom is a very special site with a very special set of features. It brings interactivity and porn really close together with its one-of-a-kind opportunities. Be your own porn director and tailor your adult entertainment experience to suit your needs and nobody else’s! Make decisions about what’s gonna happen next, switch between regular and POV cameras, explore, combine and create – and share with other members through the site’s community features. It’s Eurobabes, great-looking hardcore porn and unique interactive opportunities all bundled together!

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