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Self Cum

Self Cum

Review date: 25-Mar-2013 04:16. Admit it, it has always been one of your dirty fantasies. Gay or straight, tons of guys out there secretly fantasize about beating their meat and shooting thick gooey cum in their own mouths. There is something so filthy yet something so natural about it. Check Self Cum, a unique new site, featuring videos with next door dudes blasting their own mouths with their own cum. It’s crazy!

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Self Cum

Intro promises:
When guys abuse their hot hard meat, where does the cum go? If you are thinking condoms, stomachs, mouths or buttholes of other guys, maybe napkins if you’re desperate, this is fine. But there is a special place for that special load. It’s your own mouth! Let’s face it, you have either thought about it or have tried it already. There is something so delightfully dirty about playing with your stiff hard cock and flexing your body so that your fuck tool shoots the load right in your mouth. You’ll just need some flexibility, but an orgasm like this will completely blow your mind. The site we have for you here today is a very special place where all your dreams and desires featuring guys creaming their own mouths will be thoroughly explored. It’s called Self Cum and it’s as new and unique as it gets. It’s not some commercialized crap with cookie cutter generic porn we all get bored with so easily. Self Cum feels like a place maintained by genuine fans. Check the tour with that lovely drawing in the header and screencaps from a lot of site’s episodes. Self Cum looks raw and real, and we hope it feels that way when you get a membership. We wouldn’t want the promise of watching real life guys beat off and shoot in their own mouth spoiled by some fake commercial crap!

Guys drinking and eating and swallowing their own jizz are quite a rare thing in porn these days. With Self Cum, you’ll be getting the rawest and most authentic content in that niche ever produced. The site balances on the border between regular niche porn and completely amateur-filmed material. There is a gritty, rough feel to all these videos most of which look as if they have been made by the guys themselves. Or by their lucky (and possibly very horny) lovers! With a niche that narrow, Self Cum still proves itself to be varied and worthy. Just when you start thinking these videos must all be the same, you see a guy in nylon stockings, or a darker skinned dude, or a twink, or a guy in sunglasses, or a really hung stud. It never gets any less crazy than this. Self Cum has dozens of videos for you. Even though it’s a very new, freshly launched site, there are pages and pages with video thumbnails to browse and enjoy. You can download all the flicks without any limits and keep them for as long as you like. We just log in here every few days to grab the fresh stuff. If you want a distraction from the self cum eating thing, there are a few bonus feeds and sections inside Self Cum, including Self Cum cams. How about making that stud eat his load just for you live on camera?

Self Cum is a really interesting product. It combines a very special niche focus with some of the most inspiring and mind-blowing amateur footage you’ll see in gay porn today. Self Cum is all about guys getting real crazy, horny, and experimental with their jerk-off sessions. You’ll see all manner of horny hung dudes beating off like crazy and flexing their juicy bodies so that their hot salty sticky loads go right in their mouths. You’ll be wondering what their loads taste like – that is, in addition to getting your mind completely blown. See for yourself now!

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