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Slaves in Control

Slaves in Control

Review: Explore your desire to submit to the sleazy orders of beautiful Mistresses who are never shy to ruin you physically and mentally – right now at Slaves in Control. The site has just gone live, and it’s a delicious piece for femdom erotica lovers to check out. Lovely, mean, fresh-looking Dominas, dark dungeons, high definition films to watch and download, you know, the whole package!

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Slaves in Control

Intro promises:
We like how great new adult sites often get launched in what looks like batches, even though they obviously come from totally different companies and feature totally different models. It’s like the whole industry gets on some kind of a roll for a short while. If you are into the kind of porn which goes live during that roll, well, lucky you! These days we have a feeling it’s gonna be a whole bunch of femdom-themed sites, and sites covering related topics and subniches as well. Say hello to the first site of the kinky bunch called Slaves in Control. The site is really really new, we’re reviewing it here immediately after we found out it’s ready to go live. As usual, you can be the first! Well, you know what we mean. Back to Slaves in Control, the site seems to blend female domination in all its forms including trampling, restraints, fucking machines, human furniture and what not, with hardcore sex and threesomes. The kind of threesomes where the Mistress commands the slave to fuck a girl the way she wants. Add fresh-looking, drop dead gorgeous dominas on top of the whole thing, dominas who are really good at picking kinky-looking, revealing, mind-bogglingly sensual outfits for their sessions, and looks like you have the recipe. Slaves in Control has a tour which is really well-made and inspiring, and at the same time it does not try too hard, if you know what we mean. Let’s see more!

We had a good feeling about Slaves in Control right away as soon as we saw the tour, and you know, we were so happy not to be disappointed. The site looks and feels like a bit of stuff to chew on, if you know what we mean. Slaves in Control specializes in hard, intense, rough kind of femdom which features both dominance and sleazy hardcore sex. This combination might be even too much for you, you know! But we do mean it in a good way. If you are fed up with sites which pretend to be femdom but offer episodes where nothing fucking happens for hours, Slaves in Control is something you should pay attention to. Set in what looks like real life dungeons, with dark brick walls, dangerous-looking equipment and the atmosphere of abandonment and estrangement, the sessions just never stop being hot as hell. Apart from the usual set of practices and activities like chains, ropes, gags, collars, foot worship, trampling etc, the sessions also feature hardcore sex played out entirely following the Dominas’ scenarios. There’s often another girl in the mix, and either she or the guy are ordered to do certain things – which they of course proceed to do with the passion and commitment of a good slut slash slave. Everything looks really real and sometimes the action gets a bit over the line, especially if you are used to being more on the vanilla side. But hey, it’s great to explore!

Slaves in Control is a brand new femdom slash hardcore sex site which offers authentic-looking female domination sessions as well as a great deal of rough hardcore action. The site is young but the starting package of content is good, with tens of sets available and more added every week. The quality is by all means modern, with downloadable high definition films and all. If you are into young, reckless, crazy and sexy domineering women who like sex as much as they like a male slave at their feet, Slaves in Control will be interesting to you. It’s raw, it’s explicit, a bit shocking, too, so see it now!

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