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Wet & Nude

Wet & Nude

Review date: 11-Sep-2012 05:26. The summer doesn’t really have to end. If you are into beach nudists and being the naughty voyeur that you are, we suggest you check out Wet & Nude right now. The site covers the beach nudism culture with amateur voyeur as well as pro photo and video shoots, and does it so well that you’ll feel your room filling with sun, sea and sexy nudist girls right away. See for yourself now!

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Wet & Nude

Intro promises:
We hope you enjoyed the summer. We definitely enjoyed it and in many places it’s not over yet, though there is this one thing we would enjoy getting more of. We’re talking about sites covering beach nudity, of course. Nothing can be done, we just love beach-themed erotica. Don’t you? Whether we’re talking voyeur footage with one naughty bastard secretly shooting unsuspecting naked hotties kicking back in the sun or pro level shoots featuring lovely nude girls frolicking in front of the camera, we love it all, and everything in between. Wet & Nude here is a super new site which only came to be like a couple of days ago or so. It may still be in beta, for all we know – but it’s a delicious piece of beach erotica and we cannot let you miss it. The site aims to provide comprehensive coverage of everything nudity and beach related, bringing together photo shoots and voyeur footage. The tour explains things in quite a bit of detail. Turns out the guys behind the site are total fans of the nudism subculture and the FKK movement. They check out finest nudist beaches of the world and when they see a hottie worth featuring on their site, they either talk her into a shoot or just basically take pictures and videos of her voyeur style. This is the beach adventure you would like to have, right? With Wet & Nude, you can, and you don’t even have to leave your room for it. Let’s go!

Feel the heat already? Even if you have AC on right now, the temperature in your room must be rising now – together with something else. Wet & Nude seems to be exactly the kind of fruit you would love to sink your teeth in. Especially if you’re back to work after a vacation in the sun, but then again, for fans of beach nudism and voyeur erotica, there’s never too much exposed skin. Wet & Nude combines pro level beach footage of really great quality with submissions from actual voyeurs and beach culture fans. These submissions can include anything from secretly made videos and photos of girls enjoying the hot sun, sand and sea without any clothes on to stories about their very own beach adventures and experiences. The site is very new and it’s going strong in terms of updates right now. They add new stuff every single day now, weekends included. We liked the custom shoots the guys do, they combine the high visual quality of the premium grade erotica you may be used to with the completely natural feel of being on a nudist beach with real people, not paid models around. Whether they pose or just act natural, these girls are a total sultry delight to watch. Many videos come in original HD quality and the pictures do not lag behind as well. All in all, Wet & Nude feels like a very modern and customer friendly site with a real soul, built by real fans for their fellow nudism aficionados.

Whatever sites specializing in beach erotica you may be a fan of, Wet & Nude totally steals the show here. Combining actual beach experiences, pictures and videos submitted by fellow fans with pro level HD shoots courtesy of the site’s crew, Wet & Nude provides the most comprehensive coverage of everything sexy and steamy that can happen on a beach. Many of these young beach girls are just gorgeous. Not many, all of them are! You won’t see any of these series anywhere, for a fan of natural beach fun with as much skin shown as possible, this is a real must see.

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