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Young Bastards

Young Bastards

Review date: 26-Jun-2017 06:46. Damn these Euroboys are naughty. They are also cute, have great bodies, and thick pulsing dicks. Watch them go completely out of control inside Young Bastards! This edgy new site features scenes with hot twinks pushed over their limit by other kinkier Euroboys. Very high quality videos and completely out of control action! Let’s take a look now.

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Young Bastards

Intro promises:
Some boys just need to be taught a lesson. Some boys actually want to be taught a lesson! Just look at all these super cute European brats here at Young Bastards. They are willing to be treated rough by other boys — and oh they will be. Slapped, tied up, spat on, facefucked, anally penetrated, restrained, put behind bars… This is a very incomplete list of things that you will witness after you get your pass to Young Bastards. It’s a brand new European site that combines awesome design with awesome content and awesomely kinky twink sex on camera. The free tour is a complete blast, just take a look. So much crispness and color in these content samples, and we are not even mentioning the amount of kinky boy on boy sex yet. There’s tons of that stuff, by the way. You just need to take a look at a few trailers. Young skinny hung guys roughed up and fucked in many imaginable ways, all dirty. Isn’t that the dream? Don’t hang around in the free tour area too often. Check out the site and network facts, grab your inevitably hard boner, and you’re ready to become a proud member of Young Bastards! We can’t wait to see all these sweet young lads treated in very, very bad ways. Look at their innocent faces (and delicious bodies). They are pretty much asking for it!

Oh dear. These brats are truly naughty. Just so that you have an idea, one episode is literally called, Chavs tie up and fuck a young bartender. Chavs, if you don’t know, are these rough British boys you just don’t wanna mess with. Everybody in the episode looks young, but there’s definitely a power thing going on. This cute ass bartender is just asking for it with his quiet demeanor and sweet looks. And boy do these guys give it to him. Check out this episode for some serious slapping, spitting in the face, and then sandwiching this cute hapless bar dude between two thick throbbing dicks. And all of that happened right at his work place! This is the kind of stuff that is going on inside Young Bastards. There’s a story to every episode, some kind of a background thing going on. We mean, it’s usually more or less the same thing, an innocent boy caught in the menacing plan of other boys and eventually fucked hard and cummed on… But it’s just so much fun watching these HD videos! Young Bastards does not hold back in the quality department offering full quality videos you expect from a big production studio. But of course it’s not too polished or commodified here. It’s about boys roughing each other up and fucking each other hard. This is what you are here for. Plus, you get tons of bonus content and entertainment!

If you are into nasty Euroboys whipping their thick heavy dicks and fucking other Euroboys into submission, check out all the edgy HD videos Young Bastards has to offer. The site is full of great material you’ll want to watch over and over again. There are HD videos to stream and download, and there are tons of photo galleries, live channels, bonus sites, and much more. Everything for those who like watching nasty young brats get it on and get off together!

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